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What Makes ACCS Unique?

we inspire women to change the world

Angel Crest Charter School was founded in 2012 as a co-ed school but rebranded to an all-girls inclusive school in 2017. With the on-going challenges that women are
facing in Africa and the World. 

Two distinctive traits that differentiate AngelCrest Charter School

All Girls

We teach to the girls’ strength, giving them the ability to express themselves freely and the freedom to learn without distraction

Girls at Angel Crest recognize and appreciate the safety they have to explore values and takerisks they might not otherwise experience.

Commitment to Innovation 

Angel Crest goal is to inspire women to go out and change the world

Educating girls in the 21st century with skills and technology to further deepen their ties to arts, athletics, science and mathematics

Whatever path they chose they are well equipped to make change and a better world
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